Modular software, so that you can choose.

Our training software offers endless possibilities thanks to our modules. The basis is planning and organizing. This can be expanded with, for example: teacher and location planning, sales, evaluation to automatic workflow. Discover the 16 functions that ensure good course administration for our current customers.

Training software in five categories

Essentiele functies voor opleidingsadministratie


Modules are at the heart of your administration

Meer efficiëntie en automatiseren met software


Modules that save you an enormous amount of time

Krijg ieder detail in de opleidingsadministratie boven water


Modules that reveal every detail you need to know

Breid de opleidingsadministratie uit met deze Apps


Expand our back office software even further

Integreer andere software met Coachview


Integrate Coachview with all your favorite systems

Essential functions for training administration ESSENTIAL

A solid foundation gives you more control over your administration

Our course administration software offers the flexibility you are looking for, without being overloaded with a sea of choices. We’re doing this for you.

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These modules are the linchpin of your training.

  • Companies & people Easily keep customers’ personal and business data up-to-date.
  • Planning & organizing Planning courses is indispensable. Because of templates you work super fast and the chance of errors is minimal.
  • Document & actionsGenerate actions such as ‘send invitation’ as soon as someone signs up. In our dashboard you can see all your actions in a row.
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More efficiency and automation with software EFFICIENCY

Allow manual work to evaporate and save an enormous amount of time

As a trainer you have to be busy with training and not with administrative hassle. Coachview takes a lot of work off your hands.

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Powerful modules that give you wings.

  • Sales & invoicing Get more control over your entire invoicing process. With a push of a button you can create all invoices.
  • Automatic workflow Do you want to get rid of tiresome repetitive actions and preferably automate everything? Then enable the automatic workflow.
  • Purchasing & Equipment Do you work with suppliers or do you use a lot of material during your training? Then look no further.
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Get every detail in the training administration INSIGHT

Know exactly what’s going on and steer on numbers

Optimize your training and employees with more insight modules. Plan locations and teachers, evaluate specific courses

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Modules that reveal every detail.

  • Management Information Adjust on hard digits. Which training courses perform best and which ones could use a boost?
  • Scheduling module Turn planning into an art with our visual plan overview. This gives you even more insight into your studies
  • Evaluations & Intakes Discover what students really think of your training and keep improving.
  • Competence management Use target groups to determine the required competencies for a specific position, department or combinations.
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Expand training administration with these Apps APPS

Make Coachview even more powerful

With our apps you expand the functionality of Coachview even further. The basis is the back office software. Our apps are easy to connect to.

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These are the Coachview Apps

  • Education portal Get involved if you want to offer customers more insight and self-service and if you want to give yourself the efficiency of a webshop.
  • Teachers App Gives teachers real-time insight into planning and allows them to easily register tasks as attendance
  • Students LMS (In Development) Give students insight into progress Manage someone’s training budget, progress in credits, or create their own grade markers.
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Integrate other software with CoachviewINTEGRATIONS

Administration is a team sport

We’re certainly not the only system you use. We therefore focus on a good connection with your other systems.

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Seamless collaboration with these integrations

  • E-learning systems In a digital world, e-learning is indispensable. We integrate perfectly with yours.
  • Accounting systems Every organization has an accounting system and requires accuracy. We connect with the most important providers
  • Payment providers No more irritations about unpaid invoices. We connect with the best payment service providers in the Netherlands.
  • Marketing Gain more insight into prospects and grow your student numbers.
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